Sunday, March 23, 2014


2 days more!! usually with exams, i just want to get them over & done with & can't wait to start on the huge backlog of things i have to do after them

but for this one, i want time to stop so that i can study more lol. or a time turner. either would be good. anything that gives me one more day of rest before contining the marathon is right up my alley. but of course, i need to start up the engine again...

something that has been on my mind lately is that exams bring out the best & worst of people; i must say that i've gotten to know lots of people better during this time, made more friends & been pleasantly surprised at the kindness of people. i really do like this sense of camaraderie, of we're all in it together. i mean also human follibles do come into light as well but yknow that's something that's ever-present in life! so not too surprising really. haha. oh and i must say, i liked the impromptu prayer group in md6 :)

this is really the last lap. time to sprint now

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