Saturday, March 8, 2014


post osce, i came straight home and googled "God is bigger than your mistakes", hoping to find some source of comfort for my colossal stupidity. 
this is what i found &... i quite like it. haha. THE FISH WAS ACTUALLY SWIMMING JONAH BACK TO SAFETY. i know we all feel like shit now, well i sure do. but whether they have mercy on us or not, i think that our batch is going to be super obsessive from now on regarding this & because of this, we will be safer doctors. i know i will. if i ever become one, at this rate. and i like this bit too "i wonder what direction the fish would have gone in if Jonah hadn't found some thankfulness?" so anyway. it's really difficult & painful to give it all up to God & trust him when common sense tells you that things arent looking too good. but it's also when you dont have much hope left, that you only have God left to depend on. human beings come and go, they tell you what you want to know. God alone can save. even if we come out smelling like fish guts, we'll come out alive. sigh, i always used to come out of my sticky situation smelling like roses. haha. I'M OK WITH FISH GUTS as long as there's dry land!!
God speaks to Jonah and tells him to go to a place called Nineveh, and tell them to all repent. This would be a lot like coming to someone in World War II and telling them to go to Nazi Germany, find Hitler, and tell him he better start acting Christian, or God is gonna smash him into a greasy spot on the sidewalk.
So Jonah does the only reasonable thing, and he gets on a boat heading the other direction from Nineveh. A storm blows up, and all the men on the boat start praying to other gods, and they find out a little too late those gods aren’t real enough to stop them from sinking and drowning. 
They work out that Jonah was the one who made God angry, and they realized they were all going to die because of him. One thing to note here: there’s no such thing as a sin that only effects you, it will eventually hurt those around you in some way
Now even so, these men, who didn’t even know about the One True God until a second ago, are too respectful of this new God to throw Jonah overboard just to save themselves. That is, they believed in God’s power more than Jonah did. 
But eventually Jonah convinces them to throw him overboard anyway, and sure enough, the seas became calm. …And then a giant fish swallows Jonah. First God sends him on a suicide mission, then a storm at sea, and now a fish eats him! Now if it was me, I might take that moment to complain just a little bit, but Jonah doesn’t, he says:
“I will sing a song of thanks. I will do what I have promised. Lord, you are the one who saves.” Then the next verse reads like this:  “The Lord gave the fish a command. And it spit Jonah up onto dry land.”
Don’t miss the point here: They were way out to sea when they thew Jonah overboard, so the fish wasn’t a punishment, it was actually swimming Jonah back to dry land. The mission wasn’t a suicide (as we find out in Jonah chapter 3), the storm was just to stop him from making a terrible mistake, and the fish was the world’s first submarine ride back to safety. 
I’ll bet right now you’re dealing with some kind of pain, some kind of problem that you can’t seem to get away from. And I’ll bet it feels like a curse of some sort. It maybe feels like God isn’t looking out for you. But God is going to use these tragedies.
God will do something amazing with you, even if you head in the exact wrong direction (I mean, you may come out smelling like fish guts, but still).
And let’s make note of this: God never rebukes Jonah for what he did. God understood (obviously) why Jonah was afraid, and God simply reminded Jonah how things work. It was a strong reminder, yes, but there’s reason to be thankful when you’re getting swum back to shore.
The thing I wonder about is: what direction would that fish have gone in, if Jonah hadn’t have found some thankfulness?

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