Friday, March 7, 2014

every morning

it's a new day
His mercies are new every morning so
dont get hung up over yesterday's mistakes
well, at least TRY not to

dear God, would you send some rain?
cause the earth is dry & needs to drink again
surely you can see that we are thirsty & afraid?
but maybe not, maybe not today
maybe you'll provide in other ways
we'll give thanks to you
with gratitude
for lessons learnt in how to trust in You
that we are blessed beyond what we could ever dream
in abundance and in need
and if you never grant us peace
But Jesus, would you please...
- Nichole Nordeman, Gratitude

i love this song :) something about how the speaker is willing to thank & trust God even if the peace doesn't come immediately. trusting that one day, in His time, it will come. thanking Him for the all the blessings that have already come her way. but in the time of need, still saying, dear God, i dont know if you will help me today, and i mean, i understand if the help doesn't come but... if you could spare me some, i really do need it; please be with me today.... 

anyway 2 down, 7 to go. this is difficult for many reasons not least because every paper is impt too no matter what the percentage is and you need to be mentally psyched up for every paper, at your best, not to let anything slide, and psyching oneself up for 1-2 papers is quite exhausting already let alone 9.... but in the middle of all these, random pockets of inspiration & encouragement really makes things better. like random juniors msging me to tell me good luck hahaha thank you guys :) 

ok off to mug paeds ordering. actually after the last paper i just knew it was bad, much worse than mcq. much worse & everyone kept saying it was easier, uh, somethings very wrong here... but after that when i objectively counted the marks lost, ok, its not as bad as i thought. no deans list def HAHAHA but when was tt ever the case anw. and i mean, the day before studying [dm cpg, peds epilepsy, uti, heart failure..] was quite high yield haha. so it could defo have been worse. as casting crowns sings... i will praise you in the storm :)

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