Wednesday, March 5, 2014

always spring

1 down, 8 to go

i can do this!! really grateful to God & to the people who have been encouraging me & praying for me & sending me their best wishes and asking me how the paper went, sometimes i feel the pple around me are more worried than i am HAHA.

its always difficult to mug for a paper the evening of another paper SIGH. well tonight if i study anything, i must at least make sure i read the diabetes cpg, heart failure cpg, and mug from paeds... electrolytes & epilepsy. and this is not spotting qns ok. this is called "things i always intended to study but just never got round to"

:) thank you for all the encouragement & for sth to look forward to when all this is over. it really is so nice, not to be just be giving myself self-motivating I AM E AND THEREFORE I CAN DO THIS which kinda gets old & anyway more than half of it is there i go but for the grace of God so technically this i am so determined i can climb any mountain thing is... slightly inaccurate. i dont doubt my determination but sometimes it gets exhausting heh. and not very believable... anyway...i dont know how i can possibly shower back the same level of happiness & win but if ever this comes to pass & God willing, i promise i shall try the best i know how. 

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