Wednesday, March 12, 2014


in the middle of this all, randomly having to settle some projects

but it's good inspiration. reminding me of why i'm doing all this. God willing if i'm suitable for that subspec & if He really calls me there, i hope to be there one day. if not, i think just being allowed to present at that conference would be a miracle & a lifelong honor.

my pretty poster also reminds me of God's grace & providence in somehow giving me the strength and determination to plow through with making it in between postings and in writing the abstract in a guesthouse in korea in my only 1 week break between m4 and m5 haha. it's such a pretty & colorful poster i love it!

please God, if it is your will, may this project be accepted :)
if not, please help me not to be too embarrassed & my research mentor not to think me too chui, HAHA 
(yeah i always have backup prayers cos i'm me!!)

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