Saturday, February 1, 2014


just read a post by the aptly named GCS15, a female neurosurgeon, about one of her patients who managed to conduct a full scale opera 2 yrs after an SDH + neurosurgery & was incredibly touched to read one of the comments which said "this is a wonderful story written by a wonderful doctor" & went on to talk not only about how the patient himself had touched many people by his faith and musical skills, but also how the neurosurgeon herself had, using her God-given skills, given the commenter's own family members several years more of happiness and life

truly inspiring. to be able to use your God-given skills to bring more years of life to people

although i dont think God has given me the skills to be a neurosurgeon, i hope i can use whatever talents i do have to do the same, someday

someday meaning not today where i am bumming around lost in lack of motivation sigh

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