Thursday, February 20, 2014

the reason

okay folks. its 2 weeks more now.

i've come a long way since that day i first flew by myself all the way on ba.

it's been a magical if bumpy ride with beautiful amazing scenery of mountaintops, the highest of the highs and the valleys and lots of cloud-watching times in mo rooms with some of the bestest companions i could have ever asked for heh.

i think that i only survived cos of all those people who would sit around cloud-watching with me & listening to my bad poetry & telling me they like it. to all of these people, i promise to treat you guys to the best waffles in sg one day. once i find out where they are. i cannot thank you enough for ensuring my sanity.

and of course: God.

i am of the utmost belief that God must have a reason for giving me a rainbow after the rain.

so in order to start making good to Him on my promises on 1st May 2014, i need to rev myself up & do everything i can.

my dad told me this the other day "last time you were studying for yourself. this time you're studying for the patients (presumably the ones i'll see the first day of work. LOL)"

this time i'm studying for God.

ps: to my past self 4-5 yrs ago: people keep throwing shiz at you but you are doing a great job. you are an awesome friend & daughter and you are fulfilling everything expected for you.  when i read back on the emails you sent then, it becomes crystal clear to me. why you did what you did. you are going to do something really brave but its going to be the best choice you ever made. it's going to be a little difficult and awkward for a little while but once you get over that hump of activation energy, it's going to be the best time of your life. you're going to no longer live in fear of things beyond your control and what others think of you, you're going to give it all to God & he'll give you boundless blessings & grace beyond what you ever imagined. he's also going to answer alot of small random prayers you prayed, not to mention the big ones you prayed those nights looking out over the rooftops in your room. he heard those prayers. i promise. 

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