Wednesday, February 19, 2014

standing still

a few things to remind myself of 
- dont settle
- God will bring the right guy along and it will align. and if He doesn't, then that's the way its meant to be & accept it. but thus far i do still believe he will send someone along. heh. and by aligning, everything has to align. not just halfway. 
- there was once i did something that i regretted for awhile but now, my way of thinking has changed, and i dont regret it one bit. i can't lie at all and, i must love wholeheartedly, if not, there's no point at all

for a while i thought that maybe it's more dangerous when you love someone, when just the thought of them jaywalking across your mind makes you happy even years after when you more than shouldn't anymore; or even legitimately crossing with zebras and all

but i think that, no. some people may choose to be loved over loving. but i choose to be the one that loves more. 

and i truly do believe even to this day that God is going to come through & it's going to be awesome. and if not... uh i'll go apply for cardiothoracic surgery!! lol

i'm not lovelorn BTW haha, i just want to write this to remind myself to make the right choices day by day, to not take what seems like the easier route :)

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