Thursday, February 13, 2014

into the light

I was stranded in shadows 
It was all I ever knew 
I was pushed down in the darkness 
Lost all hope of breaking through 

But love was on a mission 
And I never will forget the day 
You woke my heart up 
You made me brave 
You lifted my eyes 
And called me by my name 

Come on, come on out of the darkness 
Come on, come on out of the night 
No more, no more living in the shadows now 
Step into the light 

When I was shaky, You were steady 
Like a lighthouse off the coast 

Always willing, always ready 
To lead this wandering heart back home 
And now I still got bruises 
And scars don’t lie 
But they’re the proof that 
I got a second chance at life 
There’s a break in the clouds 
Night turns to day 
All my fear melts away 
into the light - matthew west 

says it better than i ever could :) 

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