Tuesday, February 18, 2014

if that were you

this song is sooo pretty!!
even if i dont understand it without eng subs

aim for today
1. mug dka & dm [not that i dont already know it just to memorize all those fiddly numbers]
2. mug cushing's, acromeg etc [i used to love this so much when i was in year 2; made so many pretty notes about endocrine. no wonder my endocrine pathophys is much better than that of any other system HAHA. i rmb i seriously wanted to be an endocrinologist at one point when i was in yr 2. and i ended up doing a 2 weeks endo elective with one of the best and nicest endo depts in sg. God really answers even the smallest prayers sometimes :)]
3. study warfarin counselling. seems impt.

OKAY if i can do those three things i'll be a happy fish.

yeah yeah low standards for productivity LOL

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