Monday, February 24, 2014

find your soul

slowly getting back on the bandwagon of productivity...

plan for today
1. finish paeds approach to jaundice
2. (try to) finish febrile fits
3. counselling for nnj

tomorrow: tackle weird & wonderful peds neuro conditions - all the spinocerebellar ataxia, etc. ASTHMA the number one common case

i think paeds is going much more slowly cos i think i know it well but theres actually alot i dont know! and there's no easily-digestible overview a-la chings & pradip haha. but. still making progress!

slowly crossing lines; why did i say that; then again, over-philosophizing is part of me, haha. 

i remember those nights valiently sweeping my emotions under the carpet; vaccuming up the dust bunnies that refused to stay hidden. somehow pain helps one study better, but happiness just distracts me..

i can't let this distract me!! that would be colossally stupid. just thank God & move onnnn. 

true, pain does drive me more but in the event that i do actually conquer my laziness & get it all together, surely all the happy!vibes (sounds so nic haha we used to send each other happy!vibes) can only bode well for the studying. sort of how plants do well when you put 'em in the sunlight. 

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