Tuesday, February 4, 2014

coffee bean sign

the famed surg long case analysis is over!! lately ive been feeling rather, uh burnt out so it didnt really hit me til the past 2 days that... SURG LONG CASE test is approaching.

*cue desperate prayers to pass*. and indeed my tutor was super nice!! i guess i must have seemed really nervous cos he told me "dont worry you'll pass" and told me how to present better with keywords and all for mbbs. super nice guy. the patient was really nice too. i told him multiple times i am having KAO SHI.

literally prayers answered.

at this point, i think it's safe to say that i'm not going to be on the dean's list, HAHA. so my aim is quite literally to pass everything, then pray really hard that i get some form of residency, then pray that i survive my grad trip without getting lost in a foreign country (the number of bus and train rides i've got lined up....). then pray that my patients survive me when i actually start working. lol. sounds complicated

on the bright side, i feel quite sure that i can write the plans for the clerking sheet. yay for gs calls.

on another happy note i realised i have had the fortune to see quite a few pts with sigmoid volvulus during my colo sip! for the unitiated the axr will have a COFFEE BEAN SIGN.

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