Saturday, February 1, 2014


i made the yu sheng this year!! quite fun after all. 

honestly speaking every year i am really -_- about cny and i get sometimes v annoyed abt all the beliefs & superstitions that are part & parcel of it. ESP this yr when i should be mugging like crazy, i really was so annoyed that i had to head back to spring clean instead of going to see more cases. BUT then comes the whole thing abt God will provide thing. well i have a suspicion my parents are following the cny rules to honor THEIR parents haha but technically, by doing the stuff anyways, i'm honoring my parents & that's more impt than saying oh these are chinese customs & we are christian!! not that i say it directly, just alot of hyperca2+ groans & moans and LET'S GO HOLIDAY DURING CNY NEXT YR comments. haha. never knew i could find God in cny too. but i guess, God is in all things :) so i did the stuffs and i PERSONALLY grated the yu sheng

then spent whole of today lusting over pics of croatian waterfalls. i still stand by the belief tt if it's meant to be the perfect airline prices will pop up (so says the person who missed the airfrance deal while poring through bus schedules between plitvice lakes & dubrovnik). my indecision & the by now over-quoted jimmychoo event LOL. 

mugging recomences tomorrow! along with first gymming session in a MONTH. 

& happy cny folks :)

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