Wednesday, February 26, 2014


hi world,
i think i have bard-in-asterix-disease.
defn: a systemic condition, autosomal recessive, whereby the person has a tendancy to a) write poems b) spread them around to friends and c) hopefully receive feedback/ likes. complications include reduced time for studying, friend fatigue, and incessant checking of social media. associated conditions include foot-in-mouth disease and dislike-for-ortho disease, however, those are only loosely associated.

there are major & minor criteria....
you can have 2 major, or 2 major 1 minor... or 2 minor....

the classifications include
1. writing poems, but does not affect activities of daily living such as studying, practicing long cases, doing mcqs
2. writing and posting poems occasionally takes time away from studying, but person still studies
3. person composes poems in head even when walking uphill/ running long distance/ in the lift to the library, and definitely more than normal people of the same age as the person
4. person still writes poems when sleeping, or bumming. needless to say, takes up to 30mins away from studying to appreciate much-loved poems & send to all the friends one can think of, sometimes even accquaintances one hasnt seen since jc, as long as person knows they have expressed liking for poetry transiently in the past, causing aforementioned accquaintances to be thoroughly odded-out

cross-refer: notes on addiction.

LOL hahaha mix of NF/TS criteria & nyha classification ;p i am clearly too free

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