Friday, January 24, 2014


surg sip! my last sip ever (hopefully haha).

it was a truly life-changing SIP.

thinking back on all the SIPs, ortho was just starting out, all excitement, but actually there wasnt that many changes to do/ that we could do since there were so many tuts! but it was quite fun anyways. medicine was next, it was truly awesome! i really enjoyed it. both teams were so nice i could barely believe my luck. experiencing my first xiong call was also super awesome. best ho ever that night too. they were busy at sgh but yet people kept teaching us stuff & never scolded us or anything. such happy memories!! paeds was true love, what can i say. okay i wasn't perfect but it was just so enjoyable to wake up in the morning everyday to go & we had a lot of free reign, yet it wasn't uncontrolled cos we reported to the ho/mo as well! i also think that having one of my heros as one of my ward consultants was a sign hahaha. i still have a long way to go but listening to the neuro con teach the entire grp of reg, mo, hos, med students neuro things during the ward round, all of us starry-eyed.... it makes me want to do anything & everything i can to get myself on that road & nearer to that level of erudition. geri... i actually enjoyed it far more than i ever expected! i used to think i had such difficulty communicating with old people but actually for those who are not having ams, they understand basic chinese. and they are always so cheerful every morning. you just go there & say AUNTY HO BO?! and they will grin and say HOU! its pretty fun. i think once i got into the swing of things & esp once a con that came at 7am joined the team it became really gd cos then the mos wouldnt be able to preround so i could present, plus i think they began to trust me more & let me do stuff. good timess.

and finally, surgery sip. it's one of the most involved sips in that the tuts are well-timed so we managed to do alot of changes which wasnt the case for most other sips. i really did learn alot from my hos & the experience has definitely made me more efficient plus detailed! however, to be perfectly honest, it was also very depressing because this entailed discovering my weak points (it also didnt help that i had a super bad bout of influenza like halfway thru...), and i had been thinking i was a really good & efficient sip!! and then suddenly to discover all my weak points & to know how lacking i am..... it was actually rather depressing. HOWEVER i am proud to say that me being me, i totally conquered my flu, dragged myself to sch anyways, and my ho was even telling me that i improved (although i did manage a final bout of incompetance by losing my chop momentarily & my ho found it for me.... and passed it back to me when i gave her chocs. LOL. really so epic....). and the 2nd week i managed to present alot, really grateful for that. although the moment i felt proud of myself for presenting like all the pts & leading the round, telling them where to go next etc, then my reg started quizzing me on microb. HAHA sigh. oh did i mention, i really enjoyed my colorectal week as well, pity it wasnt marked cos like the con told yk and me we had to lead the round & we really did! and he teaches soo much. i was so grateful to him that i was so pleased when i chanced upon him in the offices and was able to give him chocs too. hahaha. he then offered shorts to BOTH grps at once if he can squeeze so many pple in the cubicle. nicest doctor eveR.


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