Sunday, January 5, 2014

maybe tomorrow

oh actually i hadnt meant to philosophize & get all poetic HAHA. i had meant to say that it makes me happy to see people being happy coz of the lists of cafes i chanced upon on fb & shared lol. that list is really golden BTW shows you the general areas of all the haps cafes. but why does no one like the waffles one i think that one is golden MAPLE SYRUP

okay off to gym off the virtual calories (plus the actual ones from red-velvet waffles...). and i think tdy im on a bit of a sugar-low pwahah

managed to think of quite a good series of puns but i dont think they're really appropriate bummer. maybe that's a sign toooo

every day i inch a little closer to this

maybe tomorrow - the perfect procrastination song. HAHA

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