Wednesday, January 15, 2014

life thus far

just came off worst flu of my ENTIRE LIFE.

no freakin kidding. worst flu and worst timed flu of all time.

at 5am on monday my extremely high fever abated for like...3 hrs giving me time to drag myself to school, through pre rounds, and rounds feeling like i was going to faint any minute, then coming back again the moment rounds were over

i guess i shld just have taken mc, cos no one gave me any extra brownie points for showing up. the only person awarding brownie points was... me. woots!

and, well: high fevers, so i cant say i did sterlingly

well, excuses, excuses, but.... HIGH FEVER!!

okay, never mind, dont make excuses...

i'm mostly just glad that the fevers are (mostly) over and i survived it!!! was wondering when it would ever end.

so now to devote myself to what makes up a LARGE AMOUNT OF MY SURGERY MARKS.

1. study more
2. wake up earlier, see pts faster, write notes to the lvl of perfection required
3. talk faster to get my points in during rounds

just thankful for the little chunk of light i can vaguely see streaming from the light at the end of the tunnel. it demonstrates a little bit of humanity

also i know i am FREAKIN CHUI, but just gotta lvl up. just gotta keep telling myself that

the call the night before my 4 DAYS OF INFLUENZA was the best i have ever experienced in terms of learning value and also the worst in terms of morale. it was v inspiring at the time but now the darned flu wiped all memories. darn. but anyway really grateful to the mo and hos who taught me alot that night. i also got one blood taking success! woots. (since then, like 10 failure, but oh well).

its been a crazy week zomg.

here's hoping and praying i survive the next 2 weeks. (and pass surgery)

our life decisions need to be made this week.

i didnt make it to church this weekend so since i need to consult the consultant up there, i cant decide right now yet

can i possibly lvl up the height of mount everest?!!!!!!! God please let me know, soon, thank you muchly, me.

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