Saturday, January 4, 2014

let it go

this morning i literally skipped out of the front door (no kidding) excited about my happening day which was as follows: brunch with d at strangers reunion, followed by clerking of many thal patients, followed by a very long & fast run to botanics & back.

sounds so promising right?! the perfect blend of social activity, mbbs prep, and also physical activity.

the first part was awesome, obviously, it was d who is always awesome + red velvet buttermilk waffles (this week's special).

then to cut a long story short i waited very long for my friend to come and 5 mins before i gave up waiting & went up, found that all the pts were overclerked. i'm not sure if they woulda been overclerked when i first arrived but according to the nurses there were lots of students in the morning so, i think probably even going right when i arrived would not have had much use. the thought "i feel like crying" flitted across my mind briefly

... then i got my GAME ON, befriended a little boy who i am forever grateful to & he nicely let me feel his tummy (thank you dear, you have no idea how grateful i am for my day being hence salvaged :):)) then my friend finally arrived & we proceded to see quite a few paeds cases.

& i came home to further yummy food (there is really nothing like hot, home cooked food)

(oh, i didnt get to run though cos the moment i stepped into the house it rained. lol)

at first i felt REALLY pissed like i hadnt felt in a long time about the timing (considering i was soooo free this morning and could def have gone to clerk the patients even BEFORE meeting d... it would probably have been even more ideal in terms in timing & logistics...) and also how i waited for nearly 1.5 hrs. in this world, i think my top hate is WAITING (oh, and selfishness. hahaha).

but then upon thinking about it, NO REGRETS. well.. clearly i have regrets, but overall, i had a really nice time today chillaxing over the pretty waffles, catching up with a friend who also happens to be one of the main people who usually saves me from myself/ exam stress/ stress in general & whom i totally owe it to to meet up & who will probably have to hear loads of mbbs related moans in the next few months haha. and although it was really dissappointing to not clerk the patients i had been thinking i would clerk, it was def better than sitting at home watching tv or sleeping & there were other pts we managed to find. & God has a reason for everything/ something we can learn from everything

not really sure what's the reason but i learnt to not take things at face value, not to be too trusting. i also asked d for his opinion abt ______ and muchly appreciated the input ;p and it was just overall a nice time.

more importantly, first world problems aside, i think that i have been really blessed & these things, although they may sometimes be frustrating, just show us how blessed we are. to have friends & the means to buy expensive waffles to enjoy fellowship over, to be in med sch & be allowed to go clerking any time we want to, even encouraged to, to have a ride home in a car just before the rains come... by the end of it all, as i slipped inside the door to the symphony of the rain on the windows, i didnt have it in me anymore to be angry at the afternoon's logistics, i was only relieved & grateful at the small mercies of not having to brave the rain home on public transport

& that's what i'm getting at :)

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