Tuesday, January 28, 2014

imagine dragons

today after a lot of running around (quite literally) i managed to send in my employment package (!!)

it was definitely something that could have had been completed more easily but ANYWAY, my life was made MUCH easier by two angels: chai & the post office guy who lent me his photocopier! thank you!!

been slowly filling in the blanks in my gaps of knowledge

i used to think i knew a lot & insist that my answer is the correct one, even when it wasn't. maybe then, i knew the right answers. these days, if i dont know, instead of spouting some nonsense, i just go & look up the right thing right away. 30+ days, i have to get this right. we've been reminiscing our m3 exams reccently; we were so young & innocent then!! i distinctly remember my long case examiners as their glee at my good hx and differential diagnosis gradually changed into horror as i fumbled thru pe and sat down for a very confused discussion and as they sighed, they told me "why not you re-organize your thoughts & try again?" haha so nice of them. m5 exams will not be like this!! everything must be smooooth.

like m said, even if i realise i dont know sth, just learn from it.

also yesterday was a little ugh like overclerking pts, everyone crowding into the cubicle. i feel really bad. exactly the kinda thing we've been trying to avoid the past 5 yrs (which is why we are all so desperate now!!) the best i could do is try to just be really nice to the pt and when they say no theyre tired then i'll respect that. but sometimes even tho they are examined by loads of people they smile and say its okay, they totally understand!! and wish us best of luck for our exams. really grateful for such patients :) and classmates who give us cases, really good ones too. gd stuff.

what's left to settle
- surg long case
- try to join breast/ vascular/ endocrine clinics if possible, if not see the conditions in day surg

also, due to some circumstances, i literally have not run/ gymmed at all for nearly 3.5 weeks!!! and it looks like it will be a total of a month really cos i doubt im going any time soon. ARGHHH. desperately need the burst of feel-good endorphins. but all i can do when i come home is totally collapsE. if i can study a little bit i'll be really happy alr. and running to keep up with my ho is not my idea of fun exercise BTW. esp if i'm literally struggling to keep up both metaphorically and physically. hahaha effort tolerance decreasing!! anyway oh well, the net balance is -ve anyway. that tells you how much physical exertion is required in surg sip haha!

okay shall finish writing out complications of gastrectomy, shower, & wake up super duper early for day surg pts + hopefully clinic!! go go

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