Wednesday, January 22, 2014

here i am, Lord

so the final decision has been made. ive been making lots of rationalizations based on the key criteria of
1) who will accept me
2) will i be happy there?

but the truth is that, i was praying on sunday for the final time during church, for the final answer (since i keep going back & forth...) and suddenly when discussing my options post-church, i realised something which had been staring me in the face.... it was like a door opening & light shining through & i realised i had my answer. it's not about the numbers game, i had this complicated playin the numbers game game plan before which honestly was like thinking two steps ahead and ignoring what was right before my eyes.

it was like that part of the equation had been blocked off & suddenly someone opened a window and let the sunlight in.

that moment of revelation

so i picked my residency on the criteria of where do i think God is calling me to

just the way i'd always want it.

thank you God. i knew you would come through in the end.

Thanks be to God, no matter the outcome.

in the end picked somewhere where I know i will be happy, where I know I will be a better person & I know I will be able to serve God.

& even if i dont get it in the end, i will be able to acknowledge that God is guiding me in another direction.

indeed, perfect love casts out fear :)

above all,

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