Monday, January 6, 2014

here comes the sun

destresssing, unwinding after a long day, its nice to see a little bit of humanity, like the sun peeking through the clouds

it's been quite awhile since i just had a random conversation with someone, with no aim or motive or real thing to discuss. just chillaxing, making a new friend. i dont know, we're all busy pple, sometimes it feels like people are chomping at the bit to run somewhere, jump higher, reach greater heights. no-one wants to just chill & smell the roses, even for five minutes

i dont know how long it'll last, but thank you for making this day (when im slightly disheartened by my plug setting skills, maybe more so than usual), just that bit brighter & not to mention all the other days made brighter already.

& thank you God for a new friend, i hope this one lasts :)

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