Friday, January 24, 2014

all or nothing

SIP is over!! i actually really enjoyed going around giving people chocolates & seeing my ho happily eat the chocolate at the end of a long day haha.

it's time to go all out.
i am NOT going to sell my soul like i once did. but i think putting one's nose to the grindstone is something totally necessary & something that can be mutually exclusive.

enough pontificating around one point. there are now no longer any distractions or the need to go for rounds etc (although i did learn alot abt colorectal & uro & i only wish that i had some postings in hpb and vascular and breast too...) but technically i WAS in those teams in m3. lol...

dear God, i know i havent been a stellar student, and even things i once knew in postings have now flown out of my head. my prayer is that for the next 38 days, please help me to focus & to knuckle down to hard mugging, esp for surg where i have huge swathes of blind spots that i havent revised at all since m3! please help me to see some breast/ thyroid/ vascular cases in clinics or day surg somehow and do the full examination at least once before my mbbs?! please help me not to panic when it seems like everyone knows what they're doing & i havent the faintest idea. please help me to study smart & fast. please help me to carve out time to write down all the mx of the emergencies somewhere cos i also want to actually be a safe dr next time (not to mention give the right ans in the exams...). also thank you for m. really. i cannot emphasize enough how thankful i am for this sudden burst of encouragement & support that honestly i dont know what i did to deserve but really i am grateful for it, so very grateful :) it's really very comforting & encouraging.

plan for tonight
1. andre tan's upper bgit, varices, pud, gi cancer


other to dos
1. sort out employment thingy

no more slacking off.
this is all or nothing.

if God is with me, no one can be against me

just keep repeating these short pithy phrases heh

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