Thursday, December 12, 2013


GERI EOPT IS OVER!! just one more 6am wakeup call then it's HOLIDAYS~ which may or may not actually end up being holidays but oh well at least it's not organized school where we have to turn up and do whatever the timetable says. so looking forward to living life on my own terms, own timetable & not rush from place to place feeling bounded to organized chaos.

okay so geri.... a turning point for me came when i had the epiphany that i should see God in every patient. then somehow it became a little easier to wake up at 6am and go pre-round. i'm not kidding. that super ups the meaningful ante. and LOL also my ward cons know that i wanna do paeds, and keep teasing me about it ;p particularly when i said "hmm.... psm at the llse. my top differential is.... VSD?" they just about died of laughter.

despite being really chronically exhausted (what's new anyway), i really enjoyed this posting far more than i had initially expected. i love how the nurses seem to think we are doctors? and ask us to order drugs or update us on patients (i usually escalate things to my seniors no worries, but it kinda makes me feel like a HO hehe). since im always hanging out in the MO room anyway, they always pop their head in to look for me, or grab me in the corridors. it feels so nice! like im always in teh loop. i guess this is sth i didnt really get in gen med cos its more like putting on a show every am presenting the cases to the con, but i didnt really feel responsible for the patients per se (plus my pts in gen med were actually usually quite stable). after the multi-dip meeting which they ask us to present at, the PTs/ OTs/ STs/MSWs also kinda become like our friends which is nice :):)

one more posting before mbbs, its an understatement to say that im underprepared.... i am giving it all to God of course but i think i need to at least read andre tan one time, not to mention burkitts or baileys.

for now, let's revel in the joy of HOLS. CHRISTMAS HOLS. *super happy*

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