Saturday, December 28, 2013


are made for waking up late, going for jazz dance, shopping, eating yummy desserts


you know you used to go to the gym excessively when you walk into jazz dance after nearly 1 yr of absence and the teacher halfway thru the warmup says "oh e is back!" lolol. love jazz dance so much! well it definitely is jazz dance cept it also definitely is the same style as ever, since it's all choreoed by the same person haha. nevertheless, really missed the warmups, the floor work, and all the lines & grace of it all. it is really the most happifying form of dance known to mankind, i feel. i should go more often! but my teacher is always globe-trotting, i literally need to check his fb the night before going to ensure that he will be in sg haha.

on another note, some days you wake up all ready to conquer the world!! some other days you wonder WHY. some days you're all going with the flow, the skies seem really blue & the clouds really white.

and of course, no matter what it is, desserts make it a better world to live in. thank you God for sweet things (i promise not to eat too much of them though, heh)

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