Sunday, December 8, 2013

miracles in december

such a pretty song. first exo song i actually like

i spent really long trying to decide who this song evokes for me. i guess the person that songs evoke for me has now officially changed (thank goodness for that).

even i cant believe that i changed like this
i didn't know how thankful your love was
i thought it would stop once it ended 
thank you for believing in me when i didnt believe in myself. thank you for being someone i could always depend on, something i knew was real. maybe what i did wasn't right (when do i ever do anything right anyway, HAHA). but i just wanted to preserve that memory as something real forever. i have many regrets & many things i insist are right even though this world tells me it is not societally acceptable, but i do know this much, that if i could have not told you what i did that night, i would take it back. everything else i have said & done in my past i know that if i could replay it again, i would do it exactly the same. except those words. 

i think the timing was wrong & i dont know if there'll ever be a right timing ever again. probably not, but who knows, God willing. it's not just the timing, people's hearts change. i dont think you're ever going to know this, but i'm actually a different person now. i think i probably became a better person, since then. but anyway, thank you for seeing the goodness in me in a time when i didnt really have that much of it inside me. 

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