Sunday, December 8, 2013

Its sunday & im breathing :) one more week to christmas hols!!

Sometimes we just gotta believe that God is going to sweep away all our past mistakes & look forward to the future. I think clearly everyone has issues & its abt how one deals with them. Sometimes once something triggers it you can go into a really weird mood and stuff but yknow these times are different and there isnt really any time for all that

I think I have successfully convinced myself to leave residency to God, but with other areas of my life im still holding tightly onto the reins and driving in the wrong directions. The problem is that I never know which is the right direction and actually there never are any signposts along the way. And even if they are, historically they are more like magic wardrobes leading to narnia. I need reality, im done with fairy wonderlands forevermore.

90 days to mbbs really is no joke. Its good to face these issues now and steel myself to not get sucked into a whirlwind from thence onwards.

I am going to be a robot! A nice robot klearly. I hope. Haha.

Giving to God all the joys & the hurts, thanking him for the roses and their thorns, but asking for immunity to the thorns just for a little whilst more. Armor against all that so I candevote my neurons to more impt things.

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