Friday, December 13, 2013

freedom never tasted so sweet!

managed to study hernia in the med student room just now.
this weekend i shall mug
- IO
- breast
- lumps & bumps

must buck up +++ surg sip coming!

my main resolutions are:
1. volunteer for every tutorial no matter how chui i am, hahaha
2. clerk alot of cases (we get banned from wards after surg ends!! argh)

oh and try to do lotsa bloods and urinary caths and plugs and abgs. i'm actually fairly ok at ABGs so far (compared to plugs). and im fine with bloods if i take from the antecubital vein with vacutainer and butterfly. unless people want me to set plug plus do bloods and blood culture all at the same time to save poking the pt many times... then of course it gets abit harder haha

anyway we got some results back. i'm literally in the middle (as uuusal). what can i say, if i get intoresidency it's literally a miracle. haha! nvm nvm dont fret over things we can't control

ok just pass mbbs first, then residency/ho yr wherever God wants me to go, then the rest, well we'll just wait till then. going for a run now :)

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