Saturday, December 7, 2013

dear cloud - perfect

today was SUCH a happy clerking day!!

weekend started so well with kee's pump on friday once i had escaped from neverending hids + an invite to clerk on saturday, which obviously: MBBS IN 90DAYS so, yeah.

tons of cases + met like half the class merrily clerking away (can someone say "frittered away weekends" again sigh).

met HL, may, and prof T! soo nice to meet them :):) well its a testament to our sad lives that our meetups are all when we are in hosp on a saturday LOL but it felt almost like all the old crazy times again. and i really did so many crazy things with these people. haha. HL and ML that is.  prof T "you should come at sunday 6pm, all the pre-op cases come in then!" not sure if he's just pulling our leg lolol later we really gullibilly come at sunday 6pm?! but no. i am so not coming back at that time. kept meeting this uro mo who actually listened to us presenting uro cases & even brought us to a comp to show us the MRI scans. so nice!

after that, there was a cupcake. YUM. way to make my day haha.

& may told me colin is doing electives so fbed him, ahh i missed having long discussions w him that go round & round hahaha colin... shall go catch up with him one of these days when i go back ttsh to clerk. :):)  now i come to think of it, he was the one person i could tell everything to in that time i was the most stressed ever. he listened to all my crap & really really tried to help. thank u dude. u have no idea how much u probably contributed to my sanity.

AND of course as i was on my way home, feeling really productive with all the clerking & happy to meet old friends, it made me think of what i have now & i must say that i feel really really blessed :) just wanted to say that. thank u guys for tolerating me x almost 4 yrs now and laughing at (the majority of) my jokes HAHA, thank u for accepting me, thank you for making nus so happy for me. really thank God for all my med school friends both old & new (two times more friends!)

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