Wednesday, December 25, 2013

christmas pudding :)

hi world,
am currently feeling very merry indeed & full & happy, status post an amaaaazing christmas lunch. i strongly suspect it's something to do with the cognac in the christmas pudding, heh.

it was the usual stuff we always have at christmas/newyrs and things really but i was really not intending on having much of a break this hols. how could i, when i'm not even stuffing things into my head, but learning things that i learnt before and completely forgot?! (read: surgery). somehow though, what with GE, and the holiday, i ended up taking a few days off, hehehe. i think i badly needed the break though! yesterday went to orchard to pick up some christmas presents & it was paradoxically really nice squeezing thru the crowds. plus, paying for books at kino always makes my day~ and today was christmas mass plus lunch after. the desserts were the bomb i swear. food bringing pple tgt :)

christmas really is such a nice season. of hope, of happiness. even if you dont stay in a place with snow, you cant help but conjure up a picture of a wintry wonderland. this christmas, even tho im not wandering through the christmas markets with a cup of hot chocolate or crepes or angus beef (lol), i think its a pretty awesome one. couldnt help but thank God for the past 6 yrs. just a few months more & the final hurdle will be over! lights at the end of this really long tunnel.  :)

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