Tuesday, December 3, 2013

christmas came early

my very quickly written piece will be published on the cmgdr's blog!! somehow, this means even more to me than my poem being published, hahaha. feels so nice to know that such a positively encouraging moment for me will hopefully be able to encourage & inspire others as well. 3 simple words but yet, the most beautiful 3 words in the world (and no the most beautiful 3 words are not I love you. they are.... read my article ;p)

i have also chosen what residency i want to apply for (i think, it keeps changing.. haha).

& now is officially 3 months to mbbs. SIGH. lots to say, mostly along the lines of ARGHHH!! but somehow the comforting words in the email makes me feel better.

and the happy, happy memory. literally, from the mouths of babes.

this is why i want to do paediatrics

i know that this choice is the right one. finally. :):)

1.5 more weeks of the current posting then... christmas REALLY comes!!

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