Monday, December 30, 2013

believed in time

woke up today & my faith in humanity was restoredd

all the overflowing acts of random kindnessess around

i have decided that this route should be the most pure & well meaning one ever. no doubts about it. no going halfway. no selling of the soul.

thank you __ for the sms that restored my faith in humanity haha

we love because he first loved us

yesterday, i went back to clerk & met a reaally interesting patient. it wasnt like an mbbs long case clerking, we were kinda held there as he philosophized about life & God and... man & God... and you get the idea haha. but it was also very eye opening...he was telling us the bits & pieces that we woulda need to construct the summary anyway "____yr old man, presented with ____, with a sig pmhx of ____, s/p _____, social wise______, now for conservative/ surgical mx of ____" but filling it all up with the broad strokes of beliefs, worries, motivations, family, love, that makes up him. he said that usually he doesnt like to talk to med students cos they just want to clerk him to present the case to their seniors, & we shld ask pts about their hobbies, their families, their lives, cos that makes up them, not the disease. such true words. & as he went on to preach about God to my clerking partner (lolol) i felt really moved for some reason.... this is someone who is suffering from lots of conditions & he wants US to know God & be happy & contented in him. this is one of those things i dont know how to describe but.... God was there that day in that ward, trying to teach us something about life & medicine. that's what i felt v strongly. quite glad it was a holiday and not the final week before mbbs so we could take time to listen without feeling rushed.

yesterday was such a fruitful day :):) i DROVE to sch & back, i gymmed, i went to church & we came back to a lovely homecooked meal :) that warm feeling of everyone crowded around the dining table, digging into hot cheesy plates of food. nom. & at night i mugged foot drop (finally) & watched reply 1994 which is LOVE. it kinda reminds me of those heady days of hopeless romanticism; where you really believe in pumpkins & in fairy tales coming true. like if you just run in one direction, then love will find you, or, get this, that it will drop down from above (lolol). i dont regret those days at all though! crazy idealism has its place.

okay off to mugg before teaching at night! so happy we have extra days of holiday woots

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