Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 resolutions

there are many things i could aim for, like maybe WAKE UP AT 5AM to go running everyday. or: DEANS LIST

but after much thinking, all i really hope to achieve is

1) pass mbbs
2) do not sell my soul in the pursuit of (1), or anything at all
3) find out what God wants me to do, and do it.

other minor resolutions
1) make people smile everyday
2) find out what to do with the 2 weeks after mbbs. and also for the rest of my life, but thats major resolution (3)
3) teach sunday school. or maybe just the uber-little-kid one. or just something, i'll figure this out.
4) meet up with friends!
5) no matter what happens with the Future, to go for the conference my mentor asked me to submit my project for, which happens to be on the topic which i absolutely love
6) make cinnamon rolls, between now and march 8th. just becos.
7) somewhere in this year, play a musical instrument & make a child smile (i think i might have to learn those disney songs after all, haha)

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