Friday, November 1, 2013


I'm miles away from seeing the story You're writing
When You give and You take, it's hard to embrace the timing
When I'm watching the walls burn to the ground around me
Just wanna know what it is You're trying to show me

I will walk through the fires of life
I will wait in the darkest of nights
I will follow You into the fight
If that's where You'll lead me
I don't know what You want me to see
But I know where You want me to be
Close to You with nothing between

I'm starting to see why this is called the narrow road
Cause if I wanna walk this way, oh I've gotta stay close
I'll leave anything in the fire to bring us together
I want nothing between my soul and my Savior

If it comes between You and me
Let it burn cause You're all I need

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