Sunday, November 10, 2013


really exhausting week, but yet feel really grateful that i've been learning a lot & given the opportunity to do a lot. the mos also always grab us aside to teach us things/ how to document properly in files/ present succinctly during ward rounds :)

two more weeks! i dont actually feel scared about what lies ahead, possibly cos im totally immune.

aim for today
1. finish typing out tutorials of the past week
2. try to sort out cardio
3. send in all the mandatory emails.

ps: to the dear kid who wrote me such an encouraging note, THANK YOU. you have no idea how much that encouraged me, and likely will for a long time. i can totally imagine on some night call in a few yrs time i'll be running from point A to B and i'll rmb how a 3 yo girl wrote a note to me telling me that God loves me.

good study yesterday with a & y :) thanks guys

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