Friday, October 18, 2013

your love never fails

funny how days you say a little prayer in the morning or before you drift off to sleep the night before always go much better :)

saw a whole array of amazing cases today
- ball & cage
- WD
- peripheral neuropathy

plus usual bread and butter (including course ilds, fine bronchiectasis....) haha.

and there was cake at night! i loveee cake!

actually the previous days have been good too just that i felt really low energy, for a variety of reasons. felt really nice to actually hids and strike gold and have people thank me for finding cases rather than freeloading off pple cases. i just felt like my case-mining was actually being productive for once. like i'm learning how to work the system EFFICIENTLY. funnily enough for first touch full exams i do do more when im freeloading (cos i wouldnt know the dx) but then again when i find the cases obv im not that surprised. but then i am also good at finding all the rare stuff ;p BALANCE. nevertheless, happifying +++

plan for next week includes making friends with the cts regs hahaha

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