Saturday, October 26, 2013

yawns lazy weekend. literally. there's a public holiday coming but it's a saturday!! arghh screams.

after a lecture about coronary artery disease, ate really unhealthy nasi lemak, after that felt.... really unhealthy. there were donuts too lol. came home specifically to run but the weather had other plans. guess my body needed the extremely long sleep. all i can remember of med sip + rev is... sleeping the moment i get home everyday.

i need to rev up!! peds coming. super excited. actually i just feel really tired. CONSTITUTIONAL SYMPTOMS. hopefully going for some sugar-infused fellowship the sat before peds starts, can recharge my batteries. i swear i run on cupcakes and chocolate. coffee dont do it for me anymore. and oh ENDORPHINS & punching & kicking. makes me feel so empowered lolol

aim for tomorrow is to somehow run. i dont know HOW that's going to happen but i'm going to make it happen.

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