Sunday, October 6, 2013

there are so many stars tonight

first medicine full call :)

... was really uneventful. LOL. i think i have really good call luck, cos the ho even asked us "which of u are the ones with such good call luck?!" my ortho ho also told me last time"i'm so glad it's you on call with me today!!" allowing me to feel flattered for all of 0.5 seconds before he continued "with your friend sin yuan ah, i couldnt even sit down until midnight!"

and though we all know that what's good for the hos isnt good for the med student who needs to learn lol, we did NOT eat any baos or take the last lift. promise. once we were going down to 7-11 and the last lift KEPT COMING but yj refusedd to take it so we had to walk to block 4 lifts. lol.

anyway did clerk quite a few cases by myself so not too bad. i love writing on the clerking sheet and filling it up lol cheap thrill. it's just that definitely they werent swamped with 21 cases or anything. and the ctsp for sob, the pt was saturating merrily away at 100%. the on call pple were most pleased i must say. HAHA. ended up sleeping at 350 after doing aic for my ho, at 5am was supposed to wake up to help the nurses with 6am bloods, but i muttered to yj "5 more mins..." and hence didnt wake up til MUCH later. and then ended up helping my team to preround and clerk a new case before running off to nus for neuro lectures. which obviously i fell asleep in ++ sigh but what i caught of it was good stuff.

ALSO i managed to take an abg and send off like 3 blues in the morning for my team *feels accomplished*

one more week to go!

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