Tuesday, October 15, 2013

really needs chocolate

sometimes one feels so super in need of chocolate
if only i could have a chocolate brownie from taka right now
and then go to borders and comfort-read from dawn to dusk
i'm sure i would come out of that a better person, ready to deal with anything i could possibly face; internal and external forces
ready to take on the world
darn the people who closed borders!! 

too many external influences these days: urti, pms, people affecting me more than they shld

really grateful to a & nat for listening to me
whenever i find time, i def must spend some time with all the lovely people who have always been there thru thick & thin (quite literally). i think that friendships that have stood the test of time, boredom, stress and everything are really valuable & i should not let medicine, beautiful and fantastic and jealous as it is, allow these friendships to erode away. time and again i realise that these friendships are so precious & must be treasured. 

plan for today: study 7th nerve palsy, study 6th nerve palsy, and find some way to get some endorphins. if only the greenish productive cough would stop. i need to manufacture augmentin + klacid in my backyard or something

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