Sunday, October 13, 2013

medicine call

this was my first real medicine call. the sort where you don't sleep a wink, keep getting called at inopportune times, and get 101 cases. previously, they'd always shooed us off to sleep or cases would trickle in slowly. this time it was a combination of a) delugement and b) the super nicest ho in the world

although i had really wanted to experience an intense call of this sort as a student before i actually start working, i feel really bad for my HO; id be surprised if he doesnt have PTSD after this.

to cut a long story short, it was awesomely fun (except after around 5am where everything started to degennnnnn +++) i hope my ho doesnt have TOO much PTSD from this sigh. i really think hes a very good dr and he was honestly trying his best at everything. it's just CIRCUMSTANCES. anw i heard ho2 call and weekend calls are always KILLER

in any case, i learnt a lot from this call

and i came home and crashedd ++

and barring any further sudden urtis i will meet a&n for fellowship next sat :) sounds so promisingly nice.

i have many thoughts about last night's call but i dont know quite how to put it. something along the lines of, no matter how hard you try, it's never enough. there's something siphysean about it all. something superhuman to stay up all night and fight against time and still round the next day. and also that the first half was really such a fun time. sigh. i'll def buy my ho chocolates. he totally deserves it.

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