Tuesday, October 29, 2013


i was angsting to d about something or other & he replied "dont worry, God will provide you with sufficient ______"

that really struck me
God will provide

on the site i got this pic from, the accompanying reflection was that God never wastes any experiences; any hurt; any dream. He turns everything around for our good. 
in moments like this, when the future looks strangely dim, the past comforts me amazingly. i never thought at the time i'd look back fondly on all the difficult times and have it act as such a powerful reminder to me of how God literally works in our lives. 
as for dreams, do you know, even the minor small things i used to wish for and dream about, crazily enough came true. every small prayer no matter how insignificant and unimportant, as long as i held the prayer in some little corner of my heart

what more for the big things. 

the uncertain future is always scary. getting documents together last min is always scary. 
but these days, i'm over fear
perfect love casts out fear
whatever i've been doing since i came across this phrase, i've really been much less worried about what the future brings. it works magic for self doubt. 

it's all going to be okay. 

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