Saturday, September 28, 2013

we are bulletproof

so today i have done... officially nothing. lol.

was reading some of my poems & i realised that medicine and being a poet is further away than id originally thought. i used to think that med wld make me understand The Human Condition better & stuff but... while i do love it, it basically just makes me very sleepy more than anything else. i dont really spend much time thinking about the human condition. and when i do, well occasionally it can be heartwarming but lots of the time when all the socialissues stuff start coming in then its just depressing (like how my ho spent all of yesterday trying futilely to help all his patients), and u just feel like u can't do anything as the lowest on the totem pole.

and on a less humanistic pov, ie just thinking about oneself, medicine generally makes u want to scrub your mind of unpleasant experiences and replace them with more positive ones, while poetry... well i guess there can be some happy ones, but i dont know, most of mine come from places of generally some kind of unhappiness/ awkwardness/ something worth writing about. and in medicine you just hope for everything to go really smoothly, happy teams, unremarkable social situations, yknow what  i mean?! and even if something is awkward you dont really wanna perpetuate the awkwardness by memorializing it in a poem.

ah well. just a thought.

plan for (what's left of) the weekend
1. finish up residency app and press SEND
2. send some impt emails
3. study some neuro
4. gym at some point
5. go back on sunday?!!!

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