Tuesday, September 3, 2013


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id last week was really so happifying and i learnt so much from it!! this week is inpatient, which means no more 2 hrs to plough through a patient's notes and have house-like discussions until 6pm :( it's quite fast moving, on the ball, and such. not really missing the mad rush to get all the info one needs before people arrive and rounds start... haha. but i quite enjoyed the usual morning documentations reminiscent of 630am ortho starts. like just feeling that i helped out the mo who happens to be covering for a few days, and presenting my thoroughly-prepared-the-day-before spiel on the patients which really helped since she just came and doesnt know the patients. and it was quite fun with the new ho and my cg mates hunting around the storeroom looking for blood culture equipment, kinda like an adventure, lol.

we joined journal club today too which was quite nice, it was on cardiac complications in dengue - essentially, it's not really common, but it's possible for it to happen.

and i did like 1/2 of my residency application. i just need to sort out the transcripts/ my cv/ pray very hard all my referees agree to be referees AND write nice things about me. and figure out 2000 words for ty personalstatement.

okay must sleep now. MUST make it for reg teaching at 8am tmr, it sounds really enticing! and we have like 2 tuts tmr after that.. and then i need to gym.

thurs will be going to kk to put up my poster, fri will be eopt, going to stand by my poster and hopefully not get asked any difficult qns, sat will be going to get back my posteR.

then it will be 2 weeks of revision lectures.... and then MED SIP then PEDS SIP then SURG SIP and aaaaaaaargh mbbs

not worrying & giving it all up to God is something easily said but not easily done. its not just me though, mugging in the student lounge has allowed me to hear lots and lots of angsting and worrying going on from lots of people, including m3s!!!! they're so far removed from all this lor.... to be fair im sure i was uber worried when i was m3 too. but trust me that when you're actually staring at the residency portal it takes on a whole new sheen of urgency and immediacy and in-the-moment-ness.

this whole medicine thing, is meant to be a calling anyway. and i dont think that God would call me to something and then just abandon me halfway in the middle of the ocean, that's really unlikely.
let's go let's go

having quite a lot of fun doing up the malaria presentation now haha

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