Saturday, September 21, 2013


i think something that has been on my mind lately is who am i and who do i want to be. its really easy to succumb to the expectations of others; to conform to what others want you to be. it's more difficult to be who you know you are, or should be. 
who i was may not be the best thing, but nevertheless it IS part of me. 

in the end, i resolved to never change because of the judgement of human beings. one falls when one serves more than one master 
it doesnt mean you DONT change, just know why you're doing it & who ur doing it for
& maybe i have been/ am rather judgemental but i hold that human beings... are just really judgemental. & it depends what you're judging. the person's worth as a human being, or how much u can trust them? i dont think its wrong to think about how much u can trust someone. 

in the end, i think balance is the keyword
& joy in everyday life & everyday things

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