Saturday, August 31, 2013

love box

seungri *hearts*

i also LOVE TRX

and saturdays

lots of random thoughts but i think basically, its weighing risks and benefits. and u should never try to please everyone, end up pleasing no one, and end up feeling really guilty. just pick one side, and go with it, and accept the consequences

medicine has taught me a lot about how to get rid of lots of unecessary worries/ thoughts cos there is just too much so u brush it all off and anyway there isnt much time to think about anything haha

MUST FINISH MENINGITIS. AND HIV. AND SKIN AND SOFT TISSUE ughh the lib is so the closing soon. but trx this morning was suuuuper fun. i love weekends ++

the harmonies are breath-taking (quite literally)

i particularly like the part where they sing that person who i believed so much was gone/ i didn't know before, i really didnt know something about the tone they sing it in/ the melody is really touching

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