Thursday, August 29, 2013


id makes me feel like house!!

this is what i signed up for in med school, puzzling over diseases & strange presentations, having the magic qn u ask the patient be the diagnosis-clincher. not really short cases and trying to differentiate between ild and bronchiec in the thousandth patient, not really trying to coax uncles & aunties to show me their signs so i can learn and ace exams

seeing exam worthy things, makes me feel accomplished like ticking things off a to-do list, closing the knowledge gap just that much more, increasing the chances of exam passing just that little bit more

BUT the past 3 days in id where we are allowed to write blue letter replies, trace the temporal pattern of what happened to the pt, what abx was given, what procedures was done, and even come up with diagnoses and plans, have taught me so much more than the endless respi short cases where we induce-sputum out jansen koh notes (altho i am grateful to him for his notes).

i am really grateful to our reg who lets us go see the patients and also who expects a good presentation and who debriefs us extensively after the con leaves with learning points everyday and all. i can understand why c wants to buy him lunch because i have not had such a fruitful experience before where they slowly listen to us present, ask us what we think, what we would do... basically no one has so patiently listened like this before to the bumbling med students. and best of all, the reg writes his own blue replies as well and sees the patients too so we arent doing anything dangerous, haha. and so far my 3 patients have all been really nice and not told me go stop bothering them or anything. hahaha.

and we sometimes get the dx, sometimes not. i actually LOVE that! becos our reg takes his blue letters away so we are forced to think through the dx ourselves, and come to a conclusion, and present it, and if we're wrong, then we learn from it :)

also today at id-haem rounds there was yummy food
and i met m today :) and also i printed my poster!!

i is happy

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