Saturday, August 31, 2013

house ep 2

end of the week with the nicest con + reg ever. as in, EVER. you know usually people rush in if you have the slightest hesitation when presenting, and sometimes they dont even let u present at all. when the con asks "what's your plan?" the reg will say "them or me?" or ask us "what would you do?" AMAZED. and today he was reaaaally zzzzz and was like "ok no learning points for today....." 5 mins later he was discussing some learning points LOL

well part of it is they're nice and part of it is ID wants us to do it SIP-style & are generally very pro-knowledge dissemination, usually through the airborne route ;p 

went for grand rounds today, was quite interesting!! 

i dont know, i just feel so involved in the round and the decision-making, and i totally understand every reason for everything they do, or if i dont, it's really easy to ask and the con will definitely explain. like the 16s and 18s PCR thingy, thought that was really cool too. c wanted to go watch and the reg was like ".... its like a rice cooker. you just put the thing in, and... it cooks the rice. then u take it out" pwahah

and the con kept asking us random trivia which is so interesting! dont know how to explain it, but at around 645pm as we were all standing around a computer looking at sensitivities and discussing antibiotics and the gen med and other teams kept swinging by to discuss patients, i realised for the first time that even though it was a friday i didnt feel at all that i was sian & wanted to go home, i was actually enjoying myself listening to the discussion (and being randomly quizzed about arcane id knowledge) & trying to figure out the most likely ddx

i also managed to squeeze in 2 cardio shorts & 1 endo short [i knew the dx the moment i saw the patient, thanks to my endo tutor and remembering how jh was holding our present for him and trying to remember the stuff he taught us about that condition, and how on the first day of our endo posting he brought us to see 2 patients with that condition one after another and we were TOTALLY STUMPED and he was like... i just taught u guys this!!!! hahah]

sat gym + meet mich?!
sun mug in sch + do malaria presentation

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