Saturday, August 24, 2013

golden time

post-eopt happiness :) id imagine postcall happiness to be somewhat like this - you're really exhausted & dont want to think about what precisely transpired, but every small activity of slackness & freedom seems such a privilege + joy haha

re eopt, i just want to get more than 50%. 'nuff said.

gongcha + printing id notes + long nap + watching golden time :)

it's such a hilarious show!! basically like a korean scrubs. i just about died of laughter watching the interns look with horror at each other when asked to do cpr on their first day, and fumbling about with the equipment (reminds me of us during simulation, particularly when i once tried to put the laryngoscope in the wrong way). and the intern, after quite a dramatic tense surgery, start to take a selca with the still intubated patient in the background (privacy issues ++) and the anesthetist was like... what do you think you're doing? and he was like..." this is my first surgery!! everyone, i would really appreciate it if we could take a group picture, as this is my first surgery ever". anesthetist "i think you'll go nuts if you do an appendectomy". intern "if i do an appendectomy before i finish my training, everyone, i will treat you all to a meal!" anesthetist "where will you bring us to eat?" intern "uh... grilled intestine!!"

LOL. the nurses were giggling in the background. i cannot imagine myself ever daring to do this. utterly hilarious. but on the bright side, since this is tv world, the intern is super fast and is the only one who picks up signs that the pts deteriorate and hence he saves people!

i will sort out the 1000 things to do... at a later date. doesnt seem so long ago that i was sorting out things post ortho eopt...

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