Saturday, July 27, 2013

wild honey & plain vanilla

if i ever indeed become a pediatrician, i think dr t deserves many, many cupcakes. words cannot express my gratitude. seriously. okay it sounds like a small thing but it's really nice of him to do that.

also met j who is currently the neuro mo! haha to think we first met when she was doing her SIP at sgh surg. and now im doing SIP!! time flies. i will always rmb how she was youtubing music in the mo room late one day to encourage herself when doing discharge summaries. HAHA.

also i really like the cmg involvement in the flurry of residency activities. it makes me feel like God is tangibly involved in all this. just the way i like it. thank you God for a great start to the whole residency application thing. i think im 100% for peds now. i did try to be open to other possibilities but i always felt like i was telling white lies when saying "oh yea, im interested in x specialty" when actually my heart was saying something else. whereas when i go to the peds PDs and tell them that i want to do this, it feels 100% natural and normal. all im thinking of is "do i sound too over-enthusiastic?? like an over-eager puppy?! arghhhhhh"

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