Saturday, July 13, 2013

i'll be ok



full circle :) having experienced what i wondered it would feel like to experience, i think i pretty much fully understand, haha. it was actually quite nice in a way. i have this thing where, if i know sth the other party doesnt, i just HAVE to say it or i'll feel weird. if not you'll keep on looking at the person in a significant way cos the person has so much significance to you and your life but they dont know it. so it's a bit weird, HAHA. anyway, just wanted to record that

that everyone deserves happiness in this world even if it's not always easily found

on a random note the other day i called neuro to ask if a pt can eat. LOL. before tt my ho was teaching me how to call for blue letters "so u open up the comp with all the results first, cos they may ask u, etc..." i'm quite sure after the person hung up he started laughing

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