Wednesday, July 31, 2013

i want to fly before sunset

I was young back then
All the things we were sorry about
Let’s just push them far ahead
Because there were more things that were good, right

Even when we had different dreams
We walked on the same path
All of the memories that only we know
Even if we walk on different paths
We will dream the same dreams
We are special like this

There is so much that I want to say
But I didn’t know how to say it so I just swallowed it in
But you’ll never know if I don’t say it
Do you know my clumsiness of only causing misunderstandings?

On a day where everything felt so burdensome
Without a word, you took me to the ocean
You kept telling me forced joke after joke
You don’t know how thankful I was for that
You tried so hard back then
I’m so sorry that I couldn’t do anything for you

We take over a page of each other’s lives
Let’s always remember our own stories
Until this night gets faint when looked back upon
Many things will change
Just like time always makes it
- brown eyed girls

times when my own words wouldnt be enough this captures it well

time has taken over, and it is beautiful

i dont know any other way to express this

to me, the greatest commodity in life, not often chanced upon is peace, and lack of regret

i am happy to say that
at this very moment in my life, i feel those two things

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